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National Volunteer Appreciation Week

April 6th to April 12th is National Volunteer Appreciation Week. APEGM Staff would like to take this time to thank all of our members who volunteer their time and energy on our numerous committees and boards, and also to those members who volunteer their time for the various APEGM events throughout the year. Your assistance is greatly appreciated!!

"Volunteers don't get paid, not because they're worthless; but because they're priceless." - Sherry Anderson

We look forward to recognizing your commitment at this year's Volunteer Appreciation Event! Details will be coming out soon.

Certificate of Authorization Renewal Time

Companies who provide engineering or geoscientific services in Manitoba are required to hold a Certificate of Authorization (CofA).

CofA renewal letters were sent out to all current holders at the beginning of March. The CofA year runs from (May 1 - April 30). Please submit your renewal payment and a copy of the current Professional Liability Insurance by March 31, to ensure it is processed by the renewal date. The Registration Coordinator oversees this process.

If you currently hold an APEGM Certificate of Authorization, you can renew your CofA online. Note that the person responsible for maintaining the Certificate of Authorization for the company can see additional details and information if they login to their APEGM profile.

Provincial Engineering and Geoscience Week

The 2014 Provincial Engineering and Geoscience Week (PEGW) took place between March 9 - 16, 2014.

Events in Winnipeg were held at the Kildonan Place Shopping Centre including the Spaghetti Bridge Strength Competition, Pasta Bridge Design Competition, Children's Activities and more! There were also other events outside Winnipeg.

The Association will make a pasta donation to Winnipeg Harvest equal to the cumulative weight supported by all entries in the Winnipeg Spaghetti Bridge Competition. In 2013, student bridges held a total of 12,305 pounds resulting in matching donations by Canada Safeway and Peak of the Market for a total donation of 36,915 pounds of food to Winnipeg Harvest. This year the bridges supported over 15,000 pounds. Way to go Students!

Canadian Geodetic Vertical Datum of 2013 is now available

Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) is pleased to announce the release of the Canadian Geodetic Vertical Datum of 2013 (CGVD2013), which is now the reference standard for heights across Canada. This new height reference system replaces the Canadian Geodetic Vertical Datum of 1928 (CGVD28).

The chosen reference height of CGVD2013 derives from collaborative work and is formalized in an agreement between Geodetic organizations in United States of America and Canada. The vertical datum is now compatible with Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) such as GPS.

New APEGM Heritage Wiki Website

The Heritage Committee is pleased to announce that their Wiki site went live on October 1, 2013. It is ready for your comments and input. Please visit heritage.apegm.mb.ca.

This new site is designed to let our members and the general public learn about the impacts our engineering and geoscience professionals and their projects have had in our own province and around the world.

The site is small and in its infancy, but it is designed to grow. We encourage your comments, additions and corrections. We know that our membership is a vast repository of knowledge and we think that this site will provide a simple way to capture our collective knowledge and to make it accessible to our membership and the general public. [more]

Report on Female Participation in Engineering in Manitoba

The Committee for Increasing the Participation of Women in Engineering (CIPWIE), a committee within APEGM, has prepared a report to capture all facets of female engineering involvement in Manitoba, by including data on both APEGM membership as well as enrolment in engineering programs at the University of Manitoba. See the 2013 Report on Female Participation in Engineering in Manitoba for details.

Manitoba Rocks!

This new geoscience website launched by the Province of Manitoba is a great resource for educational material on Manitoba's amazing mineral history and resources. Manitoba Rocks! is a public information source about Manitoba's second largest primary resource industry – minerals and petroleum.

EnGenious - Engineering Mini-Games

The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA) has developed a fun set of mini-games intended to engage and educate school-age children with respect to the different engineering disciplines. An APEGA staff member recently appeared on Global Television to present the EnGenious.ca online game. Take a look!

APEGM Geoscience Gallery

A new geoscience gallery display has been unveiled at Brandon University. The new fixture is a part of the Department of Geology, and contains many fantastic mineral specimens and a real dinosaur! The dinosaur is a Dromaeosaurus Albertensis, a raptorial predator, and has been named “Jerome the Dromaeosaurus” after a competition of more than 100 entries from kindergarten to Grade 6 students. This display was funded by the APEGM Foundation.

Electronic Seal

Recent by-law changes have empowered APEGM Members to obtain an authorized electronic seal, or digital signature, that may be used to authenticate their digital files. APEGM has partnered with Notarius to provide digital signature kits and authentication for its members. This technology has the potential to increase productivity and profitability, while meeting the high security and integrity concerns associated with the transmission of electronic documents.

There will be a promotion over the next few months enabling firms to implement pilot projects and see the benefits for themselves. To find out more about this promotion, contact sales@notarius.com, or call 1-888-588-0011.

Continuing Professional Development - Online Now!

There is growing public expectation that professionals prove their competency. Look at the recent media stories citing members disciplined by the College of Physicians & Surgeons and The Law Society. In both examples, the strong public statement was “What is the regulator doing about this?” Consequently, in order to have a ready response for the public, APEGM is asking its members to report their CPD activities. All professionals must be able to show the public of Manitoba that they are actively participating in continuing professional development.

All members are encouraged to login to their APEGM Online profiles and try the new CPD reporting utility. It is easy and FUN. It takes about 20 minutes to input existing details to your personal profile; after which, it takes only a few minutes per month to keep up-to-date. Try it today!

UofM Faculty of Engineering's Centennial Book

Celebrating 100 Years of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Manitoba (1907-2007), the faculty has published a book titled Grinding "Geers" for 100 Years full of stories, pranks, and photos from their exciting history. You can not buy this book in stores! A gift of $100 to the faculty will get you a copy of the book, as well as a tax receipt for $60. All proceeds from the sale of this book will go toward the ambitious and visionary Faculty of Engineering Centenary Award Fund.

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