Engineering and geoscience make great career choices!

Starting with their imaginations, engineers solve practical problems with the tools of math, science, and technology. Part scientist, part technician, and part inventor - an engineer designs and produces things. Engineers apply existing technology to real world problems in new ways - or they invent new technologies that no one has thought of before. Our complex world depends on machines and systems to provide food, shelter, water, and energy; to move people and goods from place to place; and to make communication possible. Not only do engineers develop these systems, they keep them running and work to make them better.

Working as an engineer or geoscientist takes study and experience. Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba encourages students to explore their interests in these fields as early as possible.

Provincial Engineering and Geoscience Week

Every March the professions host Provincial Engineering and Geoscience Week (PEGW) as part of the larger National Engineering and Geoscience Month across Canada.

Spaghetti Bridge Competition

Participate in the annual Spaghetti Bridge Competition that is held in March, to coincide with PEGW.

Science Fair Judges

Engineers and geoscientists make great science fair judges! The Association can put out calls to find volunteer judges for your event.

Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator with:

  • Science fair date
  • School name and location
  • Grade range to be judged
  • Number of judges required
  • Any additional details

Interesting Links

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