ABC Test Writing Process

The ABC Test is normally written at the time of application to the pre-registration program. It must be completed prior to your application being forwarded to the Registration Committee for review.

If you already have a profile

Students of the Association have a way to request the test at any time through their online profile. Others who wish to write the test can e-mail the Admissions Department to enable it in their profile.

If you do not have a profile

If you submit an application that requires the test, and have not completed the ABC Test, you will be contacted by e-mail with the details to claim your online profile and complete the test.

New and existing members

Write the test to reach a passing score (90% or higher). If you fail the ABC Test three times, we may ask you to attend an interview to discuss the purpose and function of the Association. Following the interview, you must complete a long-answer version of the ABC Test.

Once you pass the test, Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba will automatically process your Application for Admission to the pre-registration program. If you haven't already submitted your application, you should do so as soon as you start your engineering employment if not before.