Chinese Members Chapter

The Chinese Members Chapter of Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba is a non-profit organization, consisting of professionals and interns of Chinese origin registered with the Association.

Technologists/technicians and students in the engineering-related fields are also welcome to join the Chapter. Chapter membership is free once registered with the Chinese Members Chapter.


The objectives of the Chapter are,

  1. To assist the Association in matters of business when and as authorized by Council.

  2. To encourage and facilitate the study, discussion, networking and exchange of ideas and information among the members on all questions of interest as engineers, geoscientists, and citizens.

  3. To provide a forum for members to formally recognize the voluntary contributions of its members to the Association and as citizens in the community.

  4. To assist, support, and provide mentorship for members to become registered professional engineers and geoscientists with the Association.

  5. To establish a registry of Chinese P.Eng., P.Geo., EITs, and GITs within Manitoba and promote a positive awareness of the high degree of contributions from the Chinese-Canadian engineering community.

  6. To create a forum to connect engineering communities in Manitoba, provinces in Canada and other countries and facilitate the integration of internationally trained Chinese engineers into the local engineering community.

Chapter Events

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Chapter Membership

The membership of the Chapter has three categories that are listed below,

  • Full member
  • Student member
  • Lay associate

A full member is any Chinese member who is a registered member of the Association including professional engineer (P.Eng.), professional geoscientist (P.Geo.), engineering intern (EIT) or geoscience intern (GIT).

A student member is any Chinese who is either pursuing or has completed a bachelor's degree in engineering or geoscience in Manitoba and is in the process of completing the academic requirements to become registered in Manitoba.

The Chapter may, by Chapter by-law, create the category of lay associate for those persons with an engineering background, who live or work in Manitoba and wish to be Chapter members and are not registered with the Association.

Application of the student member and lay associate will be subject to Chapter committee approval prior to the registration. Student members and lay associates do not have voting privileges.

Contact Us

For further details regarding the Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba Chinese Members Chapter, please visit our website www.enggeombchinese.com, send e-mail to egmchinesechapter@gmail.com, or contact any committee members.