Detailed Records

You must maintain detailed records of your continuing professional development activities, and keep the records for at least 3 years. These records include but are not limited to:

  • Date(s) the activity occurred
  • Description/title of the activity
  • Organizer/provider of the activity (if applicable)
  • Category in which the activity belongs
  • Number of credit hours you are claiming for the activity


You must report manually or through your online profile. You may choose to report a detailed record of your activities or a summary. Many members choose to report a summary to reduce reporting time. You must report by the end of your first 3-year period (by December 31 of year 3) and by December 31 of each calendar year that follows.

The online recording tool is an excellent way of reporting either a detailed record or a summary.


Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba's Continuing Competency Committee (CCC) administers ProDev, and may review your continuing professional development activities in detail. Keep detailed records as listed above, including documents that verify your attendance at courses, seminars, etc. in case you are asked to produce them.

In the event of a review:

  • Submit your detailed activity records for the previous 3 years. This detailed information should match the categories and credit hours you claimed in your online or manual ProDev reports
  • The CCC will advise you as to the outcome of the review, whether your activities comply with the program requirements, or whether some modification is necessary