Reporting Obligations for Senior Members

Senior membership is intended for members who have retired from full-time practice.

All members have the right to practice, and senior members may still practice on an occasional basis. Since senior members have the right to practice, they must remain current with respect to developments in their field.

When working less than Full-Time

Senior members are subject to reduced reporting targets.

Claiming Professional Practice Hours

Senior members are allowed to claim professional practice hours, however those hours will not be credited towards their three-year minimum target of 90 PDH. However, claiming professional practice hours WILL count towards their 'three categories per year' target.

Special Circumstances

If a senior member will not be able to meet the senior targets, they are eligible to apply for abatement.

Senior Dues Waiver

In recognition of the admittance requirements for senior membership, having thirty (30) years of membership, being retired from full-time practice, and maintaining good standing, senior annual dues are waived, providing that they submit a declaration that they are not practicing more than 300 hours in a year at renewal time. The easiest way to make this declaration and renew each year, is through your online profile.

Senior Members may return to regular employment. If they do, they are asked to pay the same dues as a general member.

Resumption of Practice

It is expected that all members follow the Guide to Return to Active Practice (PDF).