Application and Maintenance


The student year runs from October 1 to September 30 of each year. Online renewals begin in August. New applications and reinstatements after August 1 count for the upcoming year.

Annual Fees

Student applications, renewals, and reinstatements cost $20 each year, with the respective fees being donated back to your university student organization, such as the University of Manitoba Engineering Society, University of Manitoba Geology Club, or the Brandon University Geology Club.

Application Form


Once you have completed the online application, you will be assigned an ID number and sent a temporary password along with instructions on how to login to your online profile.


You need to renew annually. Please login to your profile and renew online. The online student renewal is available from August to November. If you require assistance, please contact the Student Coordinator. See Renewal for details.


If you missed the renewal period and you would like to reinstate please login to your profile and follow the prompts to reinstate. If you have forgotten your ID number, or don't have access to the e-mail on file any longer, please e-mail the Student Coordinator. Note that the Student Program is for undergraduate students only.

Competency-Based Assessment

Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba has transitioned to a Competency-Based Assessment (CBA) System to determine when an applicant has progressed to a professional level of competency in their field to gain licensure. CBA has replaced the previous pre-registration program.

By adopting the new CBA program, the Association is committing to a more efficient and streamlined process for applicants to demonstrate their readiness for registration. The templated structure allows applicants to document and describe their experiences in only one report, which eliminates the rush to submit reports on time to avoid late fees and the multi-report process.

Students have access to a work log document through their online profile, to assist in tracking work experiences in the appropriate competency categories while it is gained, so that when they become an Intern it can be transferred to the CBA Reporting System.

Note: As of September 2022, all new intern applications received by domestic applicants proceed through CBA to gain licensure.


The Association is always looking for ways to improve the student program. We welcome your suggestions. Please send any feedback to the Student Coordinator.