Westman Chapter

The Westman Chapter sponsors professional development presentations and special events every year. The Chapter membership may include practising professional engineers and geoscientists, interns enrolled with the Association, and lay members as identified in the by-laws of the Chapter.

Chapter Boundaries

Most Westman members live and/or work in southwestern Manitoba. For purposes of membership, the boundaries of the Chapter generally coincide with the areas within postal codes:

  • R0J
  • R0K
  • R0M
  • R7A
  • R7B
  • R7C
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(Kyle Cumming, P.Eng., Westman Chapter Treasurer, 2017)

Chapter Events

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Executive Committee

Chair Ryan Johnston, P.Eng. r.johnston@bmce.ca
Vice Chair Eric Watters, P.Eng. Eric.watters@gov.mb.ca
Treasurer Andrew March, P.Eng. March.andrew@gmail.com
Secretary Scott Melvin, P.Eng. scott@nodeengineering.com
Member-at-Large Michael Arbeau, P.Eng. Michael.arbeau@gov.mb.ca
Member-at-Large Michael Maendel, P.Eng. m.maendel@bmce.ca
Member-at-Large Brad Newton P.Eng. braddnewton@gmail.com
Member-at-Large Patrick Vandoorne, P.Eng. Patrick.g.vandoorne@gmail.com

Executive Meeting Minutes

Meeting (#216) - March 22, 2019 (PDF)
Meeting (#215) - February 15, 2019 (PDF)
Meeting (#214) - January 16, 2019 (PDF)
Meeting (#213) - November 13, 2018 (PDF)

Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting Minutes - 2023 (PDF)
Annual General Meeting Minutes - 2019 (PDF)

Annual Reports

2017/2018 Annual Report (PDF)
2016/2017 Annual Report (PDF)
2015/2016 Annual Report (PDF)

Chapter Constitution

Westman Chapter Constitution (PDF) (17 November 1993, revised 31 March 1999, revised 15 February 2019)