Member-in-Training (MIT) Pre-Registration Program


Before an applicant can be registered by APEGM for the first time, if they are not already registered by another recognized association, they must prove that they have the knowledge and skills necessary to become a Professional Engineer or Geoscientist in Manitoba.

The Pre-Registration program of APEGM is also known as the Experience Review program, the MIT program, or the EIT/GIT program. We use the term Member-in-Training (MIT) to refer to both Engineers-in-training (EITs) and Geoscientists-in-training (GITs). (Use of Title)

Applicants who have graduated with a Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB) accredited degree from a Canadian university are eligible to apply to the Pre-Registration program as soon as they graduate.

All others, including domestic and internationally-trained geoscientists, internationally-trained engineering graduates (whether or not they have a post-graduate from a Canadian University), and those with related engineering or geoscience degrees must start with an Academic Assessment. Only after the academic assessment is completed are these individuals eligible to apply to the Pre-Registration program.

For additional background and information you should review this presentation on the pre-registration program, this flowchart illustrating the MIT enrollment process, and this flowchart illustrating the actual pre-registration program process.

Engineers Canada has a nice FAQ comparing EIT programs across Canada.


To start the process:

  1. Complete an MIT Application, answering all questions as instructed. Note: the same application is used for other groups of people applying to APEGM, so be sure to complete the appropriate sections for the MIT application.

    * If you have graduated, but your transcripts do not yet indicate this fact, please send a letter from your university registrar indicating that you have completed all requirements for graduation. This is a form letter which will say something like "Person X has completed all requirements for graduation as of {some date} and will graduate in {another date} subject to Senate ratification."

  2. Submit your MIT application, admission fee, and one years MIT dues to the Registration Coordinator, who will forward your application to the Registration Committee (RC) for review. In order to have your file forwarded to the RC, you must score 90% or more on the ABC Test.

  3. Complete the Act, By-laws, and Code of Ethics (ABC) Test. You may request access to the ABC Test prior to submitting your application by e-mailing the Registration Coordinator with your Full Name, e-mail address, and mailing address as you will enter them on your application. You will then receive an APEGM ID number that you can use to claim an online profile. If you already have an APEGM number, then you will need to supply that so we can enable the test in your profile. Otherwise, we will let you know to write the test after you submit your application.

  4. If your file is accepted, you will get a letter notifying your acceptance into the program, along with a package containing everything you need to know about the program. You may also receive a Pro-Rated refund of your MIT dues depending on the time of year your application was processed.

Complete applications must arrive at the APEGM office at least two weeks prior to the next Registration Committee meeting to be considered at that meeting. The Registration Committee meets once per month, typically around the end of the month.

The Program

The Admissions Process is based on the principle that engineering and geoscience work experience comprises the application of the principles of engineering or geoscience learned during the education process.

APEGM requires that a person obtain at least four years' acceptable work experience, normally subsequent to academic qualification, to be eligible for registration. There are some exceptions for Pre-Grad Time. Sometimes greater than 4 years is required if the work is not deemed to be of sufficiently high quality or does not show progression.

Essentially, you will be required to submit Progress Reports, and claim for a certain amount of time doing Volunteer Service and continuing Professional Development. Your reports should be commented on by your Supervisor and will be reviewed by the Experience Review Commitee (ERC) and awarded experience credit based on your progress.

Current program requirements:

  • 48 Months Experience
  • 48 Hours Volunteer Service
  • 48 Hours Professional Development

You will receive feedback from the ERC after each review.

Towards the end of your program, you will be requested to provide professional references to vouch for your engineering/geoscience work experience and professionalism. You will also be required to pass the National Professional Practice Exam (PPE).

Note: You must keep your own copies of all progress reports you submit to APEGM. APEGM will not forward progress reports, references, or other documentation besides the basic confirmation of registration to other associations. Online progress reports may be saved as PDF files using a button at the bottom of the report.

Responsible Staff

The Registration Coordinator is responsible for receiving MIT applications and PPTs, and providing secretariat to the Registration Committee who review all new applications to APEGM and is responsible for enrolling you in the MIT program.

After you are accepted into the MIT program, the Admissions Coordinator will assist you if you have any questions pertaining to your particular situation or the rules of the MIT program itself. The Admissions Coordinator provides secretariat to the Experience Review Committee (ERC) who will review, approve, and make recommendations regarding your Progress Reports.

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