Supervisors and Mentors

Supervisors and mentors guide your career development and take professional responsibility for your work.

Your work experience progress reports must be verified by a supervisor who is a Professional Member of Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba. If your direct supervisor is not a Professional Member of the Association, you must find a mentor who is. In this case both your direct supervisor and mentor must submit comments on your report. Otherwise, only the registered supervisor's comments are necessary.

If you are submitting experience gained outside of Manitoba, then a supervisor registered elsewhere will do.

Please review the Frequently Asked Questions.


When an Intern submits an electronic progress report to Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba, and has specified you as their supervisor or mentor, you will be notified by e-mail that there is a new report awaiting your commentary. Use your Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba Member ID to log in to and submit your comments before the report will be sent for review.

IMPORTANT The Intern is instructed to contact you independently since spam filters or e-mail typos will sometimes block e-mails.


If you do not have an Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba ID, your Intern will invite you to create a guest profile online. You will receive an electronic invitation that allows you to log in to, enter your identifying information, and receive your own ID. See > Guest Supervisor Process

Progress Reports

Complete the following sections of the progress report in conjunction with the Intern:

  • Select Yes or No in response to the Intern's information given. If the answer is No, provide an explanation
  • Provide a statement of your opinion with regard to the work and professional progress of the Intern
  • Provide an estimate of the number of experience months that should be awarded to the Intern for the reporting period
  • Indicate if Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba can share your responses with the Intern


Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba will count the date that the Intern portion was submitted as the report submission date. However, the Experience Review Committee will not review the progress report until we have received the supervisor and mentor (if required) comments.

Please submit your comments as soon as possible after the Intern has submitted a report to you. Your timely submissions will help the Intern receive feedback sooner and become a Professional Member sooner.

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