Progress Reports

As of September 2022, all new interns follow the Competency-Based Assessment instead of this previous experience review process. These details are for reference only, until the last applicants get registered or switch to CBA.

Progress Reports document your work experience and are reviewed by the Experience Review Committee before being credited towards your pre-registration program requirements.

Reporting Guidelines

You must use one of the following documents as the guideline for completing your reports:

Acceptable Engineering Work Experience (PDF)
Acceptable Geoscience Work Experience (PDF)

Reporting Process

Submit a progress report after every 12 months of new work experience:

  1. Login to the Member's Website
  2. Submit your progress report
  3. Have a P.Eng. or P.Geo. familiar with your work comment on your report.
  4. Make a personal copy of your report

The Experience Review Committee will:

  • Assess your progress
  • Credit your work experience hours
  • Provide feedback via your online profile, including recommendations to help you progress in your career

If late fees or pre-enrolment fees are owing, Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba will notify you via the online feedback.

You must review the Frequently Asked Questions.

Reporting Frequency

The recommended frequency of work experience reporting was changed in June 2018, from six-month periods to one-year periods. However, your reporting periods should be split according to Supervisor, or position held, as your case may be, even if that does not fall on 12-month boundaries.

  • If you are enrolled with the Association while you earn new work experience, submit a new report after each new 12-month period. You have two months after the end of your period before 'Late Time' starts.
  • If you are submitting for past experience, then the reporting span should cover as wide a time as possible. This time may be subject to 'Late' or 'Pre-Enrollment' fees.
  • You can only have one Supervisor comment on each report, so your time should be split by Supervisor, even if that does not align on 12-month periods.
  • A Mentor is only required when your direct Supervisor was not a Registered P.Eng. or P.Geo. as the case may be. [more]
  • You should not overlap reporting periods. For example, if you have multiple Supervisors at the same time, for different jobs, you must pick one.
  • If you have specific questions related to your own experience that are not addressed above, or in the FAQs, please contact the Pre-Registration Program Coordinator.

Experience Types

Past Experience

If you are claiming past experience (e.g. late experience or pre-enrolment experience), you should write one detailed report per job, no matter how long. For example, if you are claiming for 36 months of past experience and you worked in two different jobs, one for 24 months and one for 12 months, write a detailed report for each.

Regular Experience

You have two months grace after the end date of each 12-month report to submit the report to the Association. If you submit it within those two months all your experience will be counted as Regular experience.

Students do not submit 'Regular' experience, only 'Pre-Grad' experience.

Late Experience

If you submit your report after your two months grace following the end of your reporting period, Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba will count back 14 months (12 months for the standard reporting frequency plus 2 months to submit). If the date (14 months back) falls within your reporting period, the time prior to that date is Late Experience. You must pay a late fee to claim the Late Experience. To do this:

  1. Submit your progress report online
  2. Submit late fees only when instructed via the online feedback

Pre-Graduation Experience

If you are claiming pre-graduation experience, provide one report per term of employment. This applies even if you worked for two separate work terms at the same place of employment and with the same supervisor. Only time earned at least half-way through your degree (at least 58 credit hours completed) will be credited.

  1. Submit your progress report online
  2. Interns only - Submit > Application for Evaluation of Pre-Grad Experience (PDF)
  3. Interns only - Submit Pre-Graduation Work Experience fee. See > Fees
  4. Students and Interns - Submit > Pre-Grad Course Mapping (PDF)
  5. Students only - Send a PDF of your web transcripts to Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba

Please note, the ERC will no longer accept pre-graduation reports that are submitted more than 18 months after your date of graduation from your Bachelor's degree.

Pre-Enrolment Experience

If you are claiming pre-enrolment experience, earned prior to joining the Association, treat this similar to 'past experience' described above. There is a fee to claim each month of pre-admission work experience. You will receive credit for the number of months you pay.

  1. Submit your progress report online
  2. Submit pre-enrolment fees only when instructed via the online feedback

Sample Reports

See the list of sample reports for ideas on what to include in your reports.